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Sick of destroying your iPhones glass front? You pay about $100 each time you crack it just to get your phone fixed. This tactical Gorilla case is less expensive than one fix for your phone... oh, did we mention how hardcore this case is? We hate even calling it a case... the vote in the shop was to call it your iPhone's secretary of defense; or, your iPhone's personal Iron Dome.

Well, the tough guys in the field hated dropping their phones as much as you do. Thats why we've created this tactical iPhone case with tempered Gorilla Glass enclosures. There are few situations tougher than this case... and you'll probably make it out with more injuries than your case will. They should just duct tape a bunch of our tactical cases onto soldiers' fatigues to keep them safe. 

The time has come to treat your phone to a bulletproof, nuke-resistant, outer shell that is a beautiful as a sunrise.

Once you get it, you'll wake up with gratitude and find yourself thinking, "thank you, man-case."


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